Yes! My mask biz is up and running! 10 online sales already and now a gallery to go with them! Click here for full details –

In other news still at school teaching 440 children weekly dodging Covid (at time of writing…), teaching piano and A Level music online remotely.

Riding my bikes (motor and pedal) when I can and keeping fit. Best wishes to all worthy recipients! πŸ™‚ Now go and buy a mask!

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August 2020 Update :-)

The world is still on fire in a few different ways.

Covid continues.

I’m going camping for 5 days tomorrow. The weather has been blissful if a little hot for weeks….torrential rain is predicted for the next 5 days….

I spent 1 day being creative musically…knocking out something then adding the speech by Killer Mike of Run The Jewels following the Atlanta Riots in reaction to the killing of George Floyd. I sent it to him but he’s not got back to me…yet…here it is –

I’ve started selling masks…details here –

I’ve done a motorbike course with the Met Police called Bike Safe – great.

I’m off to a motorbike festival in Kent, I seem to have entered myself in to a race….

I’m off to Paris for the last weekend in August, I could live in France….

Back at School September…

I’m more than ready to move out of London….

Big love to anyone that passes by and catches this update πŸ™‚

B x

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June 2020 Update!

Locked down for months so rode my motorbike round London delivering PPE to Doctors and food to Shelters for homeless.

Just doing my best like all of us to keep going.

Stay safe and feel free to join me in thinking how we can improve things so this doesn’t happen again…


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March 26 2020…Staying In…

So here we all are experiencing the biggest turn of events in what seems like the history of humankind. I have created a specific webpage here at my site for parents, students and anyone looking for musical resources to engage with and also other resources and support links. Click above or go to

I’m hoping all can see this latest update ok. The utter minefield that WordPress is have decided in their nerdy un-human friendly wisdom to change things once again making it still a challenge to use this portal to host and maintain a website (and this is apparently one of the easier ways!!! I’ve had websites on the internet for years and never found it anything less than incredibly difficult, WordPress as bad as all the rest). Anyway, do feel free to let me know in the comments below (if WordPress allows there to be!) if it’s working for you. Ok, rant over.

These updates are meant to inform on latest events with me musically but of course, like everyone, world-wide, I’m currently homebound (save for shopping and a daily run/walk/cycle). As a teacher I am teaching remotely now and going in to school fortnightly with my allotted team working with the children of frontline workers.

I am constantly gathering online materials which I initially posted to my Facebook Page (also accessible via my website here) but now posting to the link here (see above). I will also be using this time to do some much needed piano and accordion practice (I might save the neighbour from the drum practice…).

Before this catastrophe changed the world I was still keeping my musical life active, mainly through playing drums for Ska band The Estimators. We had a brilliant gig in Southend and then another at The Dublin Castle. Here’s some footage of us at the Southend gig –

Of course, like all musicians, all our pending gigs have now been either cancelled or postponed. These include weddings and festivals. Fingers crossed we all get through this and also the band can get back to gigging. I;m thoroughly enjoying playing with this outfit and all great guys. At the end of my first gig with them they all gave me a big shout out to the crowd thanking me. That sort of consideration, good manners and kindness goes a long way.

Do feel free to check my social media links as listed on another page on my website here as I’ll be updating regularly. I hope you all stay safe and keep well. Staying indoors, following all official guidelines on good health practice and avoiding contact with others outside your home whilst keeping up with events via news sources seems the best way to do this.

Best wishes to all and keep healthy and safe,

Barney Musician x

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January 4th 2020

So, Happy New Year all….I ended 2019 with a final gig with The Future Shape of Sound at Hootenanny’s in Brixton. Not only was it my final gig of the year but my final gig with the band as recent changes in personnel conveniently coincided with a long-held decision to move on from the project and explore new opportunities and as no gigs planned or booked after this it felt the best time to throw my towel in the ring whilst looking for new rings to throw my hat in to!

I do have a new project already up and running, as dep drummer for great Ska band The Estimators, our first gig on February 8th 2020 in Southend and then at the end of the month at The Dublin Castle on February 29th. All gigs and details at their webpage at I haven’t played drum-kit with a band for over 6 months now so looking forward to it, not least because I’ll be using my new drum kit, the Pearl Mid-Town, a great compact and portable kit.

My day-work as a music school teacher continues with an exciting potential new development on the horizon I’ll be able to talk about soon hopefully. At my regular school I’m running 2 after-school clubs this term – choir and keyboards, exploring the new Akai bluetooth mini-keyboards I acquired via a grant I won and preparing for the Spring Concert, Variety Show and of course BLastonbury, our big event of the year.

As a punter, I’m looking forward to seeing Tame Impala locally in Victoria Park and Nick Cave in Oslo, both events in May. I’m hoping to attend a music festival too, Black Deer looking good along with Timber Festival.

I’d like to explore devising a show this year. I wrote a mini-Musical called The Pillars of Hercules a few years back and may refresh it or work on something new, with the aim to be able to swap between kit, keys, accordion, percussion, guitar and viola along with 1-2 other multi-instrumentalists and a cast of 2-3 singers/actors.

If there was one musical goal I wished for me for this year it would be to find or create a scenario where I’m performing monthly and locally, playing good music with good people making happy memories for those listening and viewing. Get in touch if this fits or interested in collaboration.

Outside of music, I’ve one last test to pass – my Mod 2 – before a qualified motorcyclist. It’s been a 4-month journey so far with my CBT, Theory Test and Mod 1 completed and this last challenge hopefully completed by the end of January. I then hope to get a Triumph Street Twin motorbike. Other goals are to get my tooth sorted as nearly 2 years since my accident, keep saving for my future security and maintain my health continuing to run 10k at least weekly.

I hope 2020 brings good things and happiness for all. Barns xx

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October 2019

Another update on BarneyMusician activities. I had a riotous successful gig playing keys with The Future Shape of Sound on Friday night 11th October at Nambucca as part of the Gypsy Hotel evening hosted by The Urban Voodoo Machine.

Our next gig is on November 2nd at The Macbeth in Hoxton but in the meantime do check out our fabulous new video for our latest single at

I’ve also been appointed as part-time drummer for highly established and accomplished Ska Band – The Estimators and will update when gigging with them, their website here.

I’m on the look-out for a more permanent fixture as a drummer with a band and have an ad on Gumtree currently so do see below (the text of the ad) and get in touch if fits with you or someone you know. Checking in again soon πŸ™‚ x

Looking for Americana band/collaborators to write songs, learn covers and gig. I play drum kit, keys, accordion, percussion and other stuff too. The YouTube link has me drumming from 2 minutes in and gives an idea of my playing though not looking for this style – If you type in to Spotify “The Pulse of Americana” you’ll get an idea…I’ve been playing a LONG time and the keys player for The Future Shape of Sound. I’m a music graduate with a post-grad too and a Primary Music Teacher during the days. If you in to the same music, up for rehearsing as needed with a good work and play ethic, organised, pro-active and a view to be gigging soon , recording an album on vinyl, building a fan base and having some good times I’ve a bunch of connections to help along the way. I’m looking for local to Bow people for efficiency (you’ll either get this or not) and if/when replying do please add links for eyes and ears πŸ™‚ I have too much kit to mention (though keep it lean on stage) and wheels. Rehearsing/Writing would be evenings anytime from 5-9pm and Saturdays as available/inclined. Happy to start with covers and move to more originals as we progress.

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June 2019…:-)

Morning/Afternoon/Evening all!

Another overdue update here to bring you up to speed with all happening musically with me πŸ™‚

I’ve recently finished working with one band and begun playing kit for another so now playing drums (and possibly keys/accordion, though probably not at the same time but hey, who knows?!) with Anatomy of Ghosts. The connection is the highly talented singer-songwriter Scott McMahon who I performed with in The Medicine Show, a band of a few years back.

They’re on Spotify here – AoG

Facebook here –Β AoG on FB πŸ™‚

And the band website here –Β AoG Website

Do like and follow. Also, if you are or know anyone looking for a fabulous band to gig your venue/event get in touch with me, let’s have a chat and get a date in the diary! πŸ™‚

Our next gig is at the Alma Street Festival on Sunday 16th June 2019 at 2pm.

I’m still playing keys with The Future Shape of Sound, recent gig highlights being at Gaz’s Rocking Blues in Soho (the longest running club night in the world I believe!) and at The Craig Charles Funk Festival at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bex Hill. We headline at Mirth, Marvel and Maud in Walthamstow this Saturday 15th June 2019 and at Jamm Circus Brixton on Saturday July 6th 2019.

I am still very happily but busily (!) working as Music Coordinator at a Stoke Newington Primary School with the most recent highlight our fantastic BLastonbury Festival involving all 460 children that was a huge success with wonderful feedback from parents and friends alike.

In other personal info I’ve recently returned from 2 weeks in India that was a feast for all senses and will never be forgotten – swimming with a wild dolphin that came to me on my first swim in the sea, a highlight….

Aside from my musical exploits I’m also planning to explore more of England this summer visiting Liverpool, Leeds, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District.

I’ve also recently taken up a volunteer role with Climate Change organisation GCCC and have plans to introduce environmental issues as an educational subject in my work as an educator, rolling it out across the school, borough, capital, country, continent and world…in my spare time!!! πŸ™‚ xxxx

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Happy 2019!

Yes, it’s time for what has just turned in to my annual post! It seems Instagram has taken over as the go-to social media blogging tool of choice for most and personal websites like this and even Facebook pages less visited or popular these days all be it still in use. Anyway, although I doubt this site receives much traffic I keep it going and grateful for your visit! (Along with any nice comments or feedback you may have)

So…last year musically was taken up mainly with my job as a Primary School Music Teacher – which I enjoy thoroughly. I’m still doing some private piano teaching as I have done for many years off and on. I continue to play keyboards with The Future Shape of Sound (TFSOS) and amongst quite a few gigs playing Bestival was a highlight and part of what was a great summer. We also recorded a video that I’m hoping will be available to view soon. I also began playing drum-kit with rock and roll band Ruby and The Dukes (RATD) with regular gigs at City venue The Bootlegger on Lime Street and a few others including established London pub gigs The Kings Head in Upper Street and The World’s End at Finsbury Park, both places I’m glad to add to my list of gigs gigged.

This year there are more gigs lined up with both bands, a few done already. TFSOS have a few London dates and there a possibility of Glastonbury which I haven’t played for many years. RATD gigs continue with one coming up at a Hells Angels club that I looking forward to.

I keep up the occasional practice on the accordion (and bought another secondhand one last year) and would really like some opportunities to play percussion this year as it’s been a very long time since I got my congas out (!!!!).

I’m off to India for 2 weeks in April and hope to catch some music whilst there.

If anyone needs a keyboard player, drummer, percussionist, accordionist or composer, for one-off or longer-term projects then I’d be interested in hearing from you.

This year I’d love to secure a regular gig playing background piano somewhere. Wednesdays are my non-teaching day so then in the day around lunchtime would be ideal. I’d also like more opportunities to do some stand-up comedy, something I tried last year for the first time. Trying to make that happen possibly the closest I’ll get to a New Year’s Resolution.

I wish anyone reading this a great 2019 and that you achieve or at least move ever closer to arriving at your hopes and dreams as a reality.

Barney Musician πŸ™‚ accordion 3

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Happy 2018!!!

Happy New Year all!

As always woefully overdue with this latest update to my musical exploits as BarneyMusician…sorry (less is more?!)

So…New Years Eve was a blast as I was gigging with my regular band of the moment The Future Shape of Sound (TFSOS on Facebook) at The Royal Standard in Blackheath.Β  I play keys with this outfit and we have an album out early this year on vinyl. Do please follow us via the Facebook Page (above) – we’ve played Wilderness and Clerkenwell Festivals, loads of great gigs and put on a belter of a show. Here we are toasting in 2018…


In other news my lovely job as a Primary School Teacher continues with the addition that I am now also teaching ICT as well as music and finding a meeting point between the two with GarageBand which pupils enjoying.

We had a fantastic 2017-18 Christmas Concert at the local church with singing performances from all classes and the choir and string and drumming groups performing also. With attending a gig at Ronnie Scotts (I’m a member!) on the 27th seeing the brilliant and entertaining Liane Carroll and then our gig on NYE it was a fantastic end to a fantastic year – my 50th too!

So for 2018 we have the album launch on vinyl with the band to look forward to and more gigs of course. Do get in touch if you’d like to treat yourself and book the band – a fab night guaranteed!

Last night I was at Ronnie’s again catching my lovely mate Dan Swain playing bass with the superb Alice Russell for a memorable gig. I’ve got tickets to attend Nick Cave in Victoria Park this summer along with attending Twinwoods Festival where hoping to flex our swing-dance moves (Rosie and I still keeping this up…just!).

I also continue to play piano for comedian and cabaret artist Lynn Ruth Miller having written 3 new songs with her in 2017. Her Facebook page also listing her many gigs (she’s 83!) is atΒ

I treated myself to a TomTom Bandit camera at Christmas so hoping to get some live footage of various musical capers up here too.

For 2018, I’m hoping to get a CamperVan, do a course in comedy stand-up and try out at it BUT would REALLY love to get some more opportunities to play drum kit and percussion so if you need either (or keys or accordion of course) do get in touch.

If not doing so already do follow my Facebook Page from here and my occasional Tweets (also from here).

Happy 2018 everyone, may it be a truly lovely, happy and fulfilling year for you,

Barney Musician πŸ™‚

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August 2017 Update! :-)

Flying through the summer hols with 2 breaks under my belt, a week in Devon and Cornwall and a week in France – west coast around Arcachon – lovely!

Next gig is this Sunday coming with The Future Shape of Sound at Clerkenwell Festival, on stage at 4.30pm. Link here –Β gig!
I had my first function recently via Headliner, an agency I joined earlier this summer, playing background cocktail piano and accordion for a wedding at a stately home in Kent, my headliner profile here – HeadlinerΒ though you can of course contact me directly via the website here πŸ™‚
Back to school in 2 weeks teaching 4 weekdays per week (M, Tu, Th, F) with Wednesdays now dedicated to practice, rehearsals, teaching and gigs!

Also I’m now listed with Bidvine for teaching so do feel free to check out their site and my profile HERE.
I continue to rehearse with friend and jazz guitarist Johnny Thompson on our G&T duo set…if you’d like a jazz duo of piano and guitar to provide your venue/event with a live mellow jazz background soundscape we are looking for opportunities to demo our set so offering ourselves at a very reasonable rate for now, get in touch via the Performance Options page on this site.

I am also very honoured to be working with the fabulous Lynn Ruth Miller, having performed together already at the Burlesque Ball at Conway Hall recently and working on original material for her upcoming cabaret show, her FB page HERE.
So, hope everyone well in these rather strange times (!) and do get in touch if wanting some live music for an event or even just a chat to see how I can help πŸ™‚

Barney πŸ™‚

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