March 1st 2023

Hi all,

trust everyone fairing well?

My updates here more succinct not least for your sake.

On the music front I’m occasionally practicing piano and accordion.

There an excellent programme on drummers last night hosted by the adept Steve White which reminded me not to get too rusty.

I plan to get in to a local studio to practice drums, been too long.

I’ll take my much loved Mapex MidTown kit and Sabian cymbals.

I might take my congas in too. (I love them not least as Nina Simone hired them off me once for her percussionist when at the RFH).

I have only one music date in the diary playing and recording with a friend and his daughter singing the melody line and lyrics he wrote over a composition of mine. Just for fun.

I’m mildly disappointed by the lack of credible opportunities out there musically but not surprised as always been the case.

We remain in Chiswick for now with still a plan to move to the South Coast, possible by Summer.

As Spring arrives I’m looking forward to getting out on my motorbike.

Once we moved and I have a garage I’m looking forward to making many improvements to it, all parts bought and waiting.

I remain obsessed by motorbike videos on YouTube. I can’t explain it but it makes me happier than possibly anything else. If interested in why the best reason I can give is by suggesting you watch anything by Ryan from F9 but there many more too.

I still mulling over a plan to – once moved – open a bike-themed cafe for bikers, cyclists and all others, with some specific ideas for it.

I stay fit and still doing HIIT with Caroline Girvan online, currently doing the FUEL series. (3 done previously).

I’m enjoying Brazilian JuJitsu (BJJ) with superb local centre Wave BJJ but need to go more than the twice a week I’m averaging.

I’m still running, lifting weights and using (underrated) resistance bands.

51 days alcohol-free helping too, in many ways. An app called Reframe started this and continues to be highly effective.

I use app Map My Fitness, to track my exercise. This syncs with My Fitness Pal (full subscription) where I also track diet and weight and vitals. These in turn are recorded using an app by Renpho which syncs with their smart scales tracking my body weight, and other body composition data including BMI, muscle mass and body fat percentage (that last the biggest challenge to reduce). I also a member of Men’s Health Squad as they were doing a deal. It doesn’t seem to offer much to interact with but I get Men’s Health mag monthly and there some interesting tips from the excellent coaches along with an exclusive Instagram account we get to access.

For diet and health I’ve invested in the Zoe programme. It’s thorough and ground-breaking. Listen to the podcasts and get the free apps to get an idea of what they about. I recommend the 2 books by founder Tim Spector too.

For my brain (what left of it!) I invested in subscribing to app Brilliant. It takes me through a series of courses based around physics which I was rubbish at but it delivers the learning really well. Recommended.

My wife and I have bought a house in Folkestone, a friend and family moving in to. Built in 1894, we own something spanning 3 centuries and as such I feel a sense of responsibility as a custodian but it’s a nice feeling.

I have a new p/t job starting mid-March with a great charity and going in to a Primary School (not the one I taught at previously) to work with the Year 5 children on making the school greener and reducing their carbon footprint. I’ve done one preliminary session and the children were inspiring and wonderful to work with . It feels a good thing to do.

We’ve a lot of brickabrack to shift before we move so w/e boot-fairs for the next few weeks only interrupted by a cheeky few days in Lille c/o Eurostar and AirBnB. With the boot fairs we at least done in time for lunch, maybe out with the proceeds of sale!

Our current house a constant work in progress to maintain, at least my plumbing and DIY skills improving. Probably also handy for when we move.

Summer is not such a distant dream, the days getting lighter later, the cold (gradually!) ebbing.

March on x

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