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Just in to Boxing Day…

Well, finally taking a break after a hectic Xmas build up. BB did 2 mega sets of Rock Classics Friday 21st with me trialling my new Roland VDrum Portable kit. Got away with it but needs some tweaking. So good though to be able to arrive/leave with my kit in a bag. Going to be perfect for teaching – get in touch for a drum kit lesson IN YOUR OWN HOME (Or office)!
Last gig of the year on 22nd, on accordion…loads of Carols, hanging by a thread, just “We wish you a Merry Christmas” to go when some sadist suggests “the 12 Days of Christmas”…and it was hammering with rain…such are the trials of the wandering minstrel…

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Hotter than July

Taught Piano last night. I now have spaces for more piano and drum kit lessons weekdays 4-7 so get in touch! £25 per hour!!!

Rehearsal with BB tonight. Gary and I been invited to dinner as an extra thank you by the wedding couple our band played for 3 weeks ago. We have two gigs in August – private functions – but promise to do a public gig in September!! Details tbc!! Let me know if you would like to book BB, we give good rock…

I have been asked to do a Barney’s Barn Dance in September which is great, want one too?

Finally, the biggest news is that coming back from Chagstock festival last weekend and inspired I am running my own festival next year…
In a field in Devon Aug 16-18 2013. Venue, food and most acts booked. Tickets already selling and being bought! Early birds for £20.  450 guests max so buy soon! Again more details to follow!

Have a great Wednesday x

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Sunday 8 July

Wow! Fabulous gig with BB last night to 250 at a wedding. Rocked the HOUSE!!!

Today is Olympicnic, the music for which I have organised! Stupendous line up! Click on the link for it on this blog, check it out at my FB page – here! and come along!!


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Beunos Bastardes

Effective rehearsal getting friend Andre Espeut in to provide vocal coaching for lead and backing vocals. I sometimes find playing drum kit AND doing harmony backing vocals quite a challenge so was very useful.


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