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December 30th 2020

Well….it’s been a bit of a year hasn’t it?

I trust and hope that all and any reading this have fared as best they can under the conditions and extend my sympathies for any losses. I’ve lost 6 friends in 8 months…all under the age of 55…

I continue teaching 450 children weekly at school and remain to date, negative of Covid-19, somehow. What a different world we live in hey?

Christmas has been good. I am very lucky to have a partner I love hugely and we are very good company to each other. For those who have had to spend Xmas and other periods during these restrictions on their own I imagine it may have had different and greater challenges.

Musically I have been learning the music from Lala Land, one of my favourite films. The “Mia and Sebastian” theme by Justin Hurwitz doffs it’s cap to Yann Tiersen and others but no less than inspired in it’s own right. I’m a sucker for a sad song or tune, Tom Waits and Nina Simone my constant companions during my 20s (amongst others) and along with a an overly enthusiastic appreciation of pubs and their products may have kept me in a state of some malaise for that decade.

I’ve had various periods in my life of enjoying the trappings of hedonism shall we say, but having started an NVQ in Health, Nutrition and Fitness in the last 2 weeks have already been educated enough to realise I’ve been rather lucky to arrive where I am with no greater injuries than sustained…I’m not there yet but continue on a journey to improve, address and redress my state of health, my journey now being documented on Instagram at @getonwithityoufattoad .

As for next year…life goes on. I’ve set up an eco-committee at the school I teach at, made up of wonderful, bright, engaged, passionate and inquisitive children who keen to improve the school’s eco credentials and introduce systems that lead us to getting our bronze, silver and gold accreditations.

I have a plan forming (oh-oh….) to combine an interest in health (mental and physical) with green eco activity as part of my next career chapter, happening possibly outside of London but not until 2022…more to be revealed as I go.

Musically, much has to be on hold until this human-caused virus abates. I have resurrected a cabaret show I wrote some years ago that can work in a Tier-2 or lower setting. Getting that going may be a focus in 2021 outside of job, academic study and fitness/health. My attention though will be prioritised on partner, family and friends.

I’ll also be riding my Triumph Bonneville motorbike and indulging my passion in all related to that.

Much love to all, be kind and look after each other.

B x

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