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March 14th 2022

Hi all, last post was November so Christmas came and went, New Year passed in to at home and a quiet January and February, these the “endurance” months to just wade through for most of us I think?! I began rehearsals with friends Heather and Stuart of some songs for her upcoming birthday and depped on drums for a Jazz Big Band reading charts (first time in many years!) which went well. I used to play kit in my college big band years ago and it brought back some nice memories. I hope to get more of that sort of work.

I saw 2 superb bands over the period – Mama’s Gun and Young Gun Silver Fox, both highly recommended. I was also lucky enough to catch my good friend Andre Espeut hosting the Frankie Knuckles tribute night at the Jazz Cafe, a lovely vibe there and just quality people.

My wife and I also got to see Eddie Redmayne in Cabaret, hot tickets and I now know why. Such great iconic songs and the band were great. Also caught Saturday Night Fever, not as high-brow but a really enjoyable guilty pleasure and that album a big part of my 10 year old life when it came out! Another live treat a Motown Soul Review at Pizza Express Holborn (good music, ghastly food!). Another great but rather sideways band seen recently were Henge who rocked the Piper in Hastings, a top night.

I have tickets lined up too for more live treats such as His Lordship, Tame Impala, Chemical Brothers, Foo Fighters and Seasick Steve plus whoever else at Red Rooster festival this summer – last year there was wonderful.

As the weather improves and Covid seems to lessen in potency if not in its contagiousness we now have the human shame of Ukraine being attacked by Russia’s demonic little despot Putin, men, women and children murdered to satisfy his psychotic blood lust and need for affirmation of status as empty inside, his leverage in the scenario that of gas and nuclear weapons or rather his threat he’d use the latter which few doubt. If ever a lightning bolt was needed…that’s the sort of natural energy we need right now and with a specific target.

The long term plan remains to move to a home where I can have my own space for all my instruments out and about set up and can start recording my album featuring friends. We so desperate to move but that all part of the big plan and we continue to bide our time…for now…it’s felt like forever.

I wish well to all and any who pass by here and pause briefly to read my intermittent entries. This blog for me to jot thoughts more than anything else really and a therapeutic process. Here’s to more positive times ahead for the world along with me getting to read some books, listen to some records and continue teaching, playing and performing music.

B 😉 x

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