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August 2020 Update :-)

The world is still on fire in a few different ways.

Covid continues.

I’m going camping for 5 days tomorrow. The weather has been blissful if a little hot for weeks….torrential rain is predicted for the next 5 days….

I spent 1 day being creative musically…knocking out something then adding the speech by Killer Mike of Run The Jewels following the Atlanta Riots in reaction to the killing of George Floyd. I sent it to him but he’s not got back to me…yet…here it is –

I’ve started selling masks…details here –

I’ve done a motorbike course with the Met Police called Bike Safe – great.

I’m off to a motorbike festival in Kent, I seem to have entered myself in to a race….

I’m off to Paris for the last weekend in August, I could live in France….

Back at School September…

I’m more than ready to move out of London….

Big love to anyone that passes by and catches this update 🙂

B x

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