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Happy 2019!

Yes, it’s time for what has just turned in to my annual post! It seems Instagram has taken over as the go-to social media blogging tool of choice for most and personal websites like this and even Facebook pages less visited or popular these days all be it still in use. Anyway, although I doubt this site receives much traffic I keep it going and grateful for your visit! (Along with any nice comments or feedback you may have)

So…last year musically was taken up mainly with my job as a Primary School Music Teacher – which I enjoy thoroughly. I’m still doing some private piano teaching as I have done for many years off and on. I continue to play keyboards with The Future Shape of Sound (TFSOS) and amongst quite a few gigs playing Bestival was a highlight and part of what was a great summer. We also recorded a video that I’m hoping will be available to view soon. I also began playing drum-kit with rock and roll band Ruby and The Dukes (RATD) with regular gigs at City venue The Bootlegger on Lime Street and a few others including established London pub gigs The Kings Head in Upper Street and The World’s End at Finsbury Park, both places I’m glad to add to my list of gigs gigged.

This year there are more gigs lined up with both bands, a few done already. TFSOS have a few London dates and there a possibility of Glastonbury which I haven’t played for many years. RATD gigs continue with one coming up at a Hells Angels club that I looking forward to.

I keep up the occasional practice on the accordion (and bought another secondhand one last year) and would really like some opportunities to play percussion this year as it’s been a very long time since I got my congas out (!!!!).

I’m off to India for 2 weeks in April and hope to catch some music whilst there.

If anyone needs a keyboard player, drummer, percussionist, accordionist or composer, for one-off or longer-term projects then I’d be interested in hearing from you.

This year I’d love to secure a regular gig playing background piano somewhere. Wednesdays are my non-teaching day so then in the day around lunchtime would be ideal. I’d also like more opportunities to do some stand-up comedy, something I tried last year for the first time. Trying to make that happen possibly the closest I’ll get to a New Year’s Resolution.

I wish anyone reading this a great 2019 and that you achieve or at least move ever closer to arriving at your hopes and dreams as a reality.

Barney Musician 🙂 accordion 3

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