March 26 2020…Staying In…

So here we all are experiencing the biggest turn of events in what seems like the history of humankind. I have created a specific webpage here at my site for parents, students and anyone looking for musical resources to engage with and also other resources and support links. Click above or go to

I’m hoping all can see this latest update ok. The utter minefield that WordPress is have decided in their nerdy un-human friendly wisdom to change things once again making it still a challenge to use this portal to host and maintain a website (and this is apparently one of the easier ways!!! I’ve had websites on the internet for years and never found it anything less than incredibly difficult, WordPress as bad as all the rest). Anyway, do feel free to let me know in the comments below (if WordPress allows there to be!) if it’s working for you. Ok, rant over.

These updates are meant to inform on latest events with me musically but of course, like everyone, world-wide, I’m currently homebound (save for shopping and a daily run/walk/cycle). As a teacher I am teaching remotely now and going in to school fortnightly with my allotted team working with the children of frontline workers.

I am constantly gathering online materials which I initially posted to my Facebook Page (also accessible via my website here) but now posting to the link here (see above). I will also be using this time to do some much needed piano and accordion practice (I might save the neighbour from the drum practice…).

Before this catastrophe changed the world I was still keeping my musical life active, mainly through playing drums for Ska band The Estimators. We had a brilliant gig in Southend and then another at The Dublin Castle. Here’s some footage of us at the Southend gig –

Of course, like all musicians, all our pending gigs have now been either cancelled or postponed. These include weddings and festivals. Fingers crossed we all get through this and also the band can get back to gigging. I;m thoroughly enjoying playing with this outfit and all great guys. At the end of my first gig with them they all gave me a big shout out to the crowd thanking me. That sort of consideration, good manners and kindness goes a long way.

Do feel free to check my social media links as listed on another page on my website here as I’ll be updating regularly. I hope you all stay safe and keep well. Staying indoors, following all official guidelines on good health practice and avoiding contact with others outside your home whilst keeping up with events via news sources seems the best way to do this.

Best wishes to all and keep healthy and safe,

Barney Musician x

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