Teaching Update…

Teaching Update! 

I posted a link to my page on School of Everything just after Christmas and have 3 new students from it and all friends which is nice. 2 for piano and 1 for Djembe. All teaching in Dalston which is perfect for me and them. 1 of them had first lesson ever and was playing Beethoven with both hands from music within 40 minutes! 

Rehearsing weekly with my band Bueanos Bastardes (find on FB) and have got us a gig March 10th for Jean’s 40th birthday. 

Got tracks out on iTunes via mate DJ Saffrolla and need to register myself on MCPS to get paid from downloads (sorted my PRS and PPL already – not easy!…).

Jazz piano and accordion coming along with gigs needing to be got although I already have a Barney’s Barn Dance lined up for an April Wedding of a friend…

Will get some jazz piano gigs as want to platform the voices of good friends and singers, Andre, Leah and Liz.

Will update with dates!


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January 31, 2012 · 9:24 am

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