There is now an official BARNSTORMER website! Yay!

Go to and get your tickets now!

Barney 🙂


11 responses to “BARNSTORMER!

  1. grosvenorcontractsblog

    am I really the first to leave a message – marvelous – who fancies a snog :O)

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  3. Hey Barney
    You are now listed at
    Good luck
    Festival Camping Team

  4. Nickerless

    I see there is a Travelodge next to Whiddon Down – haha!
    OK tent it is, nothing worse than paying for a hotel and not making it back, just kidding but I bet some one who is mud averse stays there, sorry I’m sure the weather is going to be glorious! Is the stage covered or are you f***ed if it rains? In fact Barney, how does it all work mate? Any photos from last years sell out?
    Best wishes and good luck with it all, Nick Atkins

  5. The Great Distendo

    Sounds great – hope to make it

  6. Annie

    A totally brilliant weekend THANK YOU Barney from the cornish coopers – Henry and Sam are already talking about next year!

  7. cathy

    Hi Barney

    That was a fantastic festival! What an achievement! Great chilled out vibe and lovely bands, more meat in one hog sandwich than I’ve had in three lapsed vegetarian years and very few nettle stings in the family field (thank you). More please!

    Cathy/Rosa Xxx

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